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Mother Was Taken Down []

Mother Was Taken Down []

술취한 상사의 아내가 이쁘다 Mother was taken down, 酔った上司の妻がきれいだ    2018-05-03

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Dunia 21 – The drunken husband returns home with the support of his subordinates.

My wife, Yui, is preparing for the ceremony,
The subordinate looks at the figure of such Yui sneakily.
As soon as my husband falls down and sleeps, his staff turns around and embraces Yui.
Even if he refuses, Yui who is in power is inevitably hugging him.
Then, with the invitation of his subordinates, Yui came to visit the man’s house, who was raping himself with his husband.
Her husband, who knows nothing, only enjoys the liquor and meal served by the couple’s employees.
The husband, who is looking for a toilet during the meal, and the wife of a subordinate who will guide him,
Yui remains alone with him again. The subordinates are forced to give oral sex to Yui again this time.
Meanwhile, the husband who went to the toilet sex with her by the temptation of his wife ‘s wife.
As if they knew this, the subordinates showed the scene to Yui.
Her husband, embarrassed by their appearance, explains the situation,
The wife of the subordinate is Yui’s husband’s fault and urges Yui to pay off his sins.
The men and women of the subordinates, Yui’s husband, Yui, and the vile quarrel.

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